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It's an impressive debut novel..The crew is awesome, each character is fun and their friendship just makes you smile...It also has hints of a slow burn little romance which just clicks for me... I couldn't ask for more.

This was an enjoyable read. I appreciated that the story had a female main character who was independent and capable in a way that didn’t feel forced. And that she had a pet spider.

This is a better-than-average immersive read with a likable crew. The author uses familiar tropes in a refreshing way..

it is full of cinematic scenes carried by an adventurous protagonist and spunky first person perspective chockablock with subtle humor. 

Goodreads Reviewer, 2022

Goodreads Reviewer, 2022

Goodreads Reviewer, 2022



Rae Lewis fell in love with stories of strong girls and fantastical adventures when she discovered Pippi Longstocking as a child. Ever since, it’s been her aspiration to pen epically bold heroines - and exile rude people to trees whenever possible. 


Rae has lived in cities, towns and villages across seven counties including London, and earned her BA in American Studies at the University of Winchester. These days she lives in Plymouth, where she achieved her MA with Distinction in Creative Writing. 


When not tucked away in her writer’s nook (formerly a wardrobe…no, really) Rae can be found watching crime dramas, eating too many biscuits, and plotting her next travels.


The Exiles is Rae’s debut novel. 



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