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The Exiles


It’s 2249 and graduates across Lunarii are being drafted by the ruling Guild of Corporations. 


Star pupil Saphy Stebbins is in prime position for her dream role...until it’s awarded to another. Apparently, there's such a thing as too much shine when the elusive firm, Fortuna, leaves obscurity to recruit you. 


Enter Kepler, a cynical Legionnaire with divided loyalties; Cleo, a neurodivergent mechanic with a propensity for mayhem; and Riff, a chronically friendly medic with a list of neuroses. Let’s just say it’s a good thing Saphy still has her pet spi-borg on her side.


Together, the squad must complete the perilous training regime for a chance to travel the rift to Terran. When the alternative is slaving in the deadly solar mines, it’s a no brainer.


Except, surviving that is just the beginning of Saphy's worries. The Fortunans do not welcome outsiders. Ever. Their presence might be the spark that reignites a centuries old war - between the Guild members, even between Lunarii and Terran itself.

Check out this amazing artwork of the lunar squad designed by @WinterMaiden11

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New YA Historical Fantasy Coming Summer 2023

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